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The Great Thurne Mill Repaint – Day 5

Top coat completed and the mill is looking stunning!

Thanks to everyone for all the hard work put in over our two day event with

Now the woodwork prep and painting begins. Day 6 will see us planning out the schedule for this work and tidying up at the mill.


The Great Thurne Mill Repaint – Day 4

Businesses came together today under the organisation of the best networking idea we have ever encountered – I Roll Up My Sleeves (!

Founder Glenn Hoddy and Co-founder Amy Graham pulled in several businesses including five members of Lloyd’s bank, accountants, social entrepreneurs Sleep East, Jamicamehungry’s, accountants and more.

What a transformation! The base coat was applied in record time, almost before lunch!!!

Fence painting and paintwork touching up is all that was left to do.

Outcomes: Friends were made, networking took place and the mill…well it looks superb!

Day 5 ……TOP COAT !!!!

The Great Thurne Mill Repaint – Day 3

Today we dug a French drain around the bottom of the mill and then finished off of the anti algae treatment. We will now leave it for 24 hours to dry.

Our bones were aching from the previous two very manual days!!! So we kept it to half a day today.

Day 4 tomorrow!
Early start for everyone and all those who are taking part in the ethical networking event run by will be on site and kitted out ready to work….can’t wait!

The Great Thurne Mill Repaint – Day 2

Today the pressure washing was finished and the machine returned to Hugh Crane, it saved us a good 2 days of hard work – thank you.

The tower was coated with anti algae treatment, and with all the protective gear we looked like something from outer space!

Many people passing stopped to hear about the mill and the plan for the repaint.

We can’t believe that finally the ethical networking event run by I Roll Up My Sleeves is eventually taking place! (visit for more information.

Pop along and see what’s happening on Thursday and Friday. Look out for more updates right here on our blog

The Great Thurne Mill Repaint – Day 1

Thurne Mill Repaint Day 1
Scaffolding finally went up on Sunday 13th May late afternoon. Volunteers took fencing to the mill to seal off the area whilst work is underway.
14th May am we hired a pressure washer from Hugh Crane and set off to Thurne. The woodwork on the cap and petticoat was extremely green and had to be cleaned up. The conditions were very windy but we managed to clean it up and start on the tower itself just to freshen it up!!!!
Anti algae treatment and the completion of the tower clean is planned for tomorrow.